We’re proud to become the newest partner of DRIPSox. We can’t wait to see our players repping DRIPsox. 

Some information about DRIPSox;

About DRIPsox:

“At DRIPsox, our identity revolves around the seamless combination of sportswear functionality and streetwear style. We take pride in offering the best-looking drip on the market, where quality and style come together in a winning combination. Our motto, “Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good,” encapsulates our belief that self-expression breeds confidence and better performance.

Our flagship product, Grip Socks, exemplifies our commitment to elevating your drip game. With a streetwear-inspired stripe and a distinctive drip pattern at the back, these socks exude clean and unique style, setting you apart from the competition. The mid-calf height adds the perfect finishing touch. When you look good, you feel good, and that translates to playing at your best.

Of course, as good as our grip socks look, we’re equally as committed to the performance of our socks. Introducing DripGrip Technology—a revolutionary design that provides the ultimate anti-slip performance. Meticulously engineered to offer optimal foot lock, enhanced stability, and mobility, DripGrip empowers you to twist, turn, and sprint with unparalleled agility and speed. It also plays a crucial role in preventing injuries and blisters, allowing you to push your limits with confidence.

We also know that exceptional grip socks go beyond just the grips. You deserve outstanding performance and comfort in every aspect of the sock. At DRIPsox, we’ve taken note of common issues with other grip socks and created a product that exceeds expectations. How did we achieve this? Our thin grips provide a smooth underfoot feel, while the cushioned sole offers padded comfort. Reinforced toe and heel areas prevent wear and tear, while the breathable top keeps your foot cool. With moisture-wicking materials, our socks adapt to wet conditions, and they’re machine washable for convenience and long-lasting quality. With these improvements, DRIPsox deliver top-level performance, comfort, and durability. Our grip socks withstand the test of time, giving you the confidence to push yourself game after game.

We understand that size matters, which is why we offer five accurate size options ranging from XS to XL, accommodating men, women, and children of all sizes. The right fit is crucial for unlocking optimal performance, comfort, and style. Additionally, our clean white look, complemented by a sleek black design, offers timeless appeal and versatility. Whether you’re on the field, court, in the gym, or hitting the streets, our grip socks effortlessly blend with any color, kit, fit, or footwear.

When you choose DRIPsox, you join our squad—a community that values self-expression, performance, and style. We are driven by our founder’s roots in the streets of the UK, where sport, performance, fashion, and friendship flourished. This foundation shapes our commitment to delivering exceptional product quality, fashionable design, and unwavering support to our DRIPsox community.”

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